Optimizing business procedures and introduction of management systems

Based on the experience of the past few decades it is clear that more and easily accessed information is needed for the successful operation of an organization.  The significant need for decision-making the ever expanding data processing and the correlation of data requires the knowledge of the latest system analysis and technological methods within the business environment.  The efficient and dynamic market share achievement maximally needs the use of IT systems with the latest business management systems including the continuous upgrading of these systems and methods.

The scientifically presented and tested methods by the Hungarian Development Institute make it possible to evaluate a Corporation’s overall performance as well as avoid the discrepancies between the actual and the optimal level of performance and, following this stage it will be possible to introduce and further develop new and effective management methods.
  • Preparation  and development of the corporate administration.
  • Introduction of integral systems.
  • Matching the procedures of information flows and strategy in practice.
  • Develop the effective level of performance and  the method of evaluation
  • Use of up-to-date graphics for process detailing.
  • Establish the parameters for the Company’s computerized data processing needs.
  • Explore and expand the Company’s Finance and Banking needs.

Operating on the field of Financial Institutions

The greatest challenge for the Companies within the financial sector is to strengthen their purchase power during the following years. The future growth in this area is made exceedingly difficult by the appearance non-bank financial institutions and mediators. The most important in this area is to design and implement the most effective method of  acquisition that are suitable for the Company’s  profile and its future strategy.

The Hungarian Development Institute is eminently capable to offer solutions to create a desired business chain or a chain of services  that is suitable of the complex requirements of the Client.
  • Revision of Purchase and Sale
  • Development f internal banking procedures
  • Building an all-encompassing model of business cooperation system
  • Simple accountability
  • Revision and further development of the efficient application of IT methods and techniques

Optimizing logistical procedures

Business entities often face the problem of solving logistical problems in order to help the progress of their Company.  In this area – for the optimal performance of the Company – it is absolutely essential that the basic functions are firmly established.

The Hungarian Development Institute can offer assistance in developing, designing and processing logistical systems with their most creative and up-to-date expertise:
  • Research and study actual business environments
  • Establish the method of business performance
  • Prepare the suitable logistical methods.

Agricultural activities

Due to its natural characteristics Hungary’s economy traditionally has been based on the agriculture and it remains one of the major forces within the nation’s economy. Developing new techniques using the more efficient energy sources using environmentally friendly technologies and complete packages of produce and services make the market’s offering continuously grow.

The purpose of the Hungarian Development Institute’s activities is to research and develop of agricultural activities and various quality produces in Hungary. The practically proven agricultural projects – backed by their ongoing research efforts – help the entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector to become more and more competitive.
  • Development of  produce-oriented programs
  • Development of  the conditions of market-ready produces
  • Create a more efficient marketing approach
  • Quality control, incl. monitoring trade-marks
  • Technological development ( progressively)
  • Teaching, research and professional advice.

Environmental protection

The prevention, lessening or damage to our environment has always been in the focus of attention of governmental or volunteer entities.

The intent of the Hungarian Development Institute in respect of the environmentally protected projects is to mineralize the amount of dangerous materials entering the environment in harmony with the corporate production and mentality:
  • Preparation of risk studies
  • Search for sources of alternate energy
  • Substantial decrease in waste materials
  • Waste recycling
  • Preparation of  environmentally oriented Municipal Agreements
  • Establish amount of savings
  • Professional consulting
  • Prepare Auditing system- and its application
  • Consulting in energy oriented investments / developments
  • Regional evaluation of  re-useable energy  source developments

Management of energy consumption

Due to the limited amount of non-reusable sources of energy and the effect of these on the proper functioning of a given enterprise require complex expert overseeing process together with the use of the latest technologies and business management methods. In view of the fact that sometimes even the latest technologies are may not be capable to overcome the problems since the introductory decisions often are not sufficient to bridge the gap between the executive strategy and the actual production.

The efforts of the Hungarian Development Institute are targeted for the preparation of effective recommendations in the area of innovative energy use helping Corporations in this field.
  • Assess and analyze the user’s characteristics
  • Assess the technological and invention level
  • Control measures and data interpretation
  • Evaluate the results by using scientific methods.

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