Hungarian Development Institute focuses its operation on research and development to create innovative procedures, products and services.

Global challenges demand the successful companies to adopt and expand their competitiveness based on the use of innovative products, services and technologies. Professionals, researcher and all of those who are able to analyze and aware of the tendencies of economic development regarding the word, European and Hungarian economy are vital to these procedures.

We involve associations, independent professionals, and consultants into our tasks in order to fulfill them effectively and successfully. With the help of our professionals and our background we provide effective and innovative solutions in different areas from optimizing agricultural activities to supervision of.

To make extensive use of our scientific work we involve professionals who are fully aware of daily challenges. Let it be renewable energy usage promising short payback period, building energy management systems or development strategy for financial institution networks our aim is to ensure the effectiveness and utilization of theoretical research and development activities.

The distribution of innovative procedures, services and products can be finances by many sources: the Hungarian Development Institute can help the organizations to utilize these sources from the subsidies of EU trough national founds to the so called innovation tax which can serve as the main financial source for research and development.

With the assistance of the Hungarian Development Institute the organizations will use effectively these financial sources. With the help of our consultants the competitiveness of our clients will be raised without further expenses.

If you require further information regarding our activity, please contact us.
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